Video:Sliding motion along an inclined plane

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Instructional video links

Note that these instructional videos are not part of Mech and the copyright on these is not with Mech contributors. Please visit the video links in the second column to get more information about the creators and context of the videos.

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[SHOW MORE] Khan Academy video: inclined plane force components (click through to view comments, more) full video (12:42)
[SHOW MORE] Khan Academy video: ice accelerating down incline full video (10:37)
[SHOW MORE] Khan Academy video: force of friction keeping the block stationary full video (8:41)
[SHOW MORE] MIT OCW lecture on friction by Walter Lewin 02:23 - 07:01 Relates the limiting coefficient of static friction to the angle of friction to set the stage for some experimental demonstrations. same as video link It is fairly easy to measure ... to ...same kind of rubber.