Angular impulse

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This article is about the analogue, from linear motion to angular motion, of: impulse


The angular impulse created by a (possibly time-varying) torque over a time period is dfefined as the integral of the torque over the time period. In other words, the angular impulse created by a torque \overline{\tau}(t) from time t = t_1 to time t = t_2 is defined as the integral:

\int_{t_1}^{t_2} \overline{\tau}(t) \, dt

Units and dimensions

Question Answer
Scalar or vector? Vector
Instantaneous or time-cumulative Time-cumulative
MLT dimensions ML^2T^{-1}: MLT;1;2;-1
SI units J-s (Joule-second) or kgm^2/s (kilograms peter squared per second)