Pulley system for block piled on block on an inclined plane

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This article discusses a scenario/arrangement whose statics/dynamics/kinematics can be understood using the ideas of classical mechanics.
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The scenario

Consider one block placed on top of another, with the bottom block being A and the block on top being B. A is on a fixed inclined plane making an angle of \theta with the horizontal and the surface of contact between A and B is parallel to the inclined plane, i.e., that surface also makes an angle of \theta with the horizontal. There is a pulley system connecting A and B, with both sides of the pulley rope being parallel to the inclined plane.

Consider the following conventions:

Assume that \mu_{k1} \le \mu_{s1} and \mu_{k2} \le \mu_{s2}.

We assume the pulley and string to be massless, so that the tension at both ends of the string is equal.